MPa from DMC: 1.09 Happy birthday to us

As a year-old child begins to actively explore the world actively, and so our first steps in the health and beauty industry are little. However, success is impossible without difficulties, so let’s pull ourselves together and make next step.

During this time, we have made friends with masseurs of different directions (all of them are now members of DMC), conducted dozens of massage parties and and acted as partners in Donetsk championship on massage and various training seminars that improved the qualification of masseurs.

0.5 hours - we share our plans for the development of the club (we tell you about our new role as a recruitment agency for massage therapists and massage parlors, about the service "Blitz-massage", according to which it would be mutually beneficial for all massage parlors and masseurs to work with us.

3 hours - current and future members of the club tell and show (10-15 minutes each) what they are ready to train massage therapists in the upcoming massage parties and seminars:

Andrew Sapenok (Thai massage with elements of osteopathy)    

Sergei Semichev (Visceral massage, gentle techniques of manual therapy)    

Tatiana Tishkina / Ganesha-Club (Thai Foot Massage)    

Sergei Nosulenko / masseur technologist, judge championships massage (massage technique Antiosteohondrozny ORO (reverse dischargeing the outflow))    

Elena Sinyatkina / Training Center "Avante" (Reiki Energy Massage)    

Yuri Chistyakov / Ayurvedic massage clinic "Calendula Donbass" (Ayurvedic massage),    

Vladimir Kononuchenko / "Zdrava" (Mariupol, Royal Thai massage)    

Jaroslav Ursul / Salon " Bamboo" / Audience Award for professionalism in the championship on massage in 2013 (facial massage with elements of Japanese massage tantric massage + with spheres)    

Eugene Saenko / 2nd place in the championship on massage in 2013 (Spanish massage, massage with bamboo sticks)    

Cosmetic Center "MonAmi" (Gym-massage and facial massage with bamboo sticks)    

Igor Korsun (recovery techniques after training)    

Juliana Nagolyuk (Ayurvedic head massage Champi)    

Dmitriy Yakovlev (Sports massage, baby massage)    

Spiridonov Angelica and Begad Mamdouh / Spa facilities at the Victoria (Neurosedative and hiromassazh person; Swedish and Arabic massages, respectively)

0.5 hours - a festive cake, tea/coffee and fruit. Total, 4 o'clock celebration and a lot of information. P.S. There will be some media so don’t forget to put on smart clothes. Usual free of 50 UAH. in the status of a gift (payment at your discretion).

Date/Time: 1 Sept. from 15:00 to 19:00.

Address is the same: Kobozeva str, 52, yoga studio "Prana".


I cannot believe it's over. After the summer lull,  organization events of this magnitude for us is a real challenge. Almost a month bustle .. thought this day would never come, and here .. has come to pass. Of course, not without blunders :) But we celebrated our first birthday on a good level. Thank you to everyone who helped in the organization, who agreed to speak and to those who listened (3:00!).

I especially want to highlight

  • Yuri Chistyakov and Margarita Udalova for something that just charmed the audience. You really do not want the audience to let go, this was felt .. The audience really didn’t want to let you go. Everybody felt it. I would be honoured to work with "Calendula Donbass" Ayurvedic Clinic and "MonAmi" Health and Beauty Centre.
  • Sergei Nosulenko for having kindly agreed to conduct stationary training courses in the category of spa massages DMC.. for the gifts and willingness to provide first aid, for being just a spectator :)
  • Dima Yakovlev and Angelica Spiridonova for the excellent debut as teachers and speakers (You can be a great expert in something, but the ability to tell about it is not given to everyone .. and if you also need to teach this - it is not very easy!) We felt your excitement but a professional can not hide their talent, so .. in spite of your excuses ("I'm not ready to teach"), hope to see you at our events!
  • Jaroslav Ursula and Sergey Nosulenko for a very informative comments
  • models and photographers.. guys, you are heroes! The former worked, trying to enjoy the sights of dozens of cameras and eyes.. the latter worked, trying not to miss anything important, because the interest in massage experience did not stop during a photo shoot by a professional activity. It's also not easy, thanks! 

It’s impossible to express all my gratitude and impressions... I am grateful to everyone for their support (moral and financial)!

If it’s no trouble to you, could you write a review. I would like to hear from everyone who came, which two specialists you liked the most (to whom do you would like to go to study in the framework of our massage parties). And what wishes you have on the club's work. Thanks in advance. Keep in touch! Photo from event.

Sincerely yours, Julia Litovchenko

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