Chiromassage (Spanish massage)

What is Chiromassage

Is now understood as a set of techniques to alleviate muscle pain, whether tension-type, energy blockade or lack of tone. Also used as a complementary and effective contribution in the implementation of other therapies (Acupuncture, Homeopathy ...). Each can be formed in different schools are using "pure" or mixed: Sports Massage, Anti-stress, relaxing, stimulating, therapeutic.

What is the basa Chiromassage

The use of friction, pressure, percussion or stretching, depending on the problem to be addressed and the technique used. Accompanied by products that facilitate a better quality of "touch": creams, oils or essences. At present, there are many products on the market with indications for a more effective therapy applied.

What can we help Chiromassage

When working on muscle tension, helping to unblock energy lines (acupuncture meridians) and joints, improving the drainage of fluid (lymph, blood) and optimize the functioning of organs. Not forgetting, of course, the balancing effect (relaxing or invigorating), which has a lovely touch of a professional therapeutic in the body of another person.


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