Семинар the seminar is DESIGNED for massage therapists who have a very different level of training, from beginners in massage to masters who have more than a dozen years of practice behind them.


22-23. 02. 2020 seminar " Viscera-1. The chest cavity" (Sevastopol)


If you haven't been to our seminar yet, be sure to come! Don't miss the chance! Using the face taping technique, you can achieve the following results.. Details are here.


Quite often, we are faced with a situation where one of the spouses is jealous of his soul mate to a massage therapist. We propose combining the useful with the pleasant..


Massage in 4 hands as a gift: Litovchenko Julia (Sevastopol) + Maria Titova (Yalta, Alupka)


Colleagues, again I am going on Saturday to a meeting of business opportunities with Tatyana Stepanovna (Simferopol). Keep  learning to conduct your business competently. Join us!


Do you want to learn the French rehabilitation technique, which has no contraindications, which allows you to accurately diagnose small children and post-stroke patients, without muscle tests?


KINESIOLAB MEDICAL: Schedule of workshops for the first half of 2020


Friends, We are glad to inform you. For the first time in the city of Sevastopol A seminar will be held on an effective methodology and the popular topic “VISCERAL THERAPY”. Details here.


We invite everyone who makes orthopedic traumatologist, chiropractor, osteopathic doctor, osteopathy doctor Zhirkov Pavel Georgievich (St. Petersburg) to the second seminar.


Another seminar on the topic "Kinesiological aesthetic face taping" will be held here on December 22. Register now. For early registration discount.


Dear friends!

On Saturday at 15-00 "Health Day", a lecture on Fohow Corporation products, the U-syn theory and many other important and interesting things! Conducted by a general practitioner.

Oral liquid “Phoenix” (Fohow Oral Liquid) It is a pride of traditional Chinese medicine technologies. Net content: 30ml x 4…
Sergey Sagan (Yevpatoria)
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