Scalp massage

The finest indicator of your good health is the lustrous and glowing hair growing on your head. And, since ancient times, hair and scalp massage is used in various cultures as a treatment for hair loss and to grow healthy hair. The best way to nourish your hair topically is to massage your hair and scalp with warm oil mainly infused with beneficial herbs. Scalp massage is not only beneficial for your hair but it will also relax your nervous system and mind.

Benefits of Scalp Massage  

Scalp massage done once in a week with warm oil provides you with following benefits.  It helps in lubrication and conditioning of the scalp while preventing dry scalp and flakes. It increases the blood circulation of the head and the neck area. It increases the scalp flexibility and also relaxes your scalp. It helps in strengthening of the hair roots and nourishing the hair-shafts. It promotes new hair growth and also strengthens the existing hairs. It conditions and softens the hair hence making it more manageable. It increases the luster and vibrancy of the hair by spreading the natural oil. It also protects hair from the harmful effects of harsh weather and sun. It rejuvenates and replenishes dry and damage hair. It also prevents extreme fragility and split-ends. Scalp massage helps in relaxing muscles of the neck area. Scalp and hair massage promotes sound sleep in the night. Important

Tips for Choosing Scalp Massage Oil  

Below are various tips on choosing the right scalp massage oil for a healthy scalp and lustrous hair. You can choose either sesame oil or almond oil as the base for vata hair. These oils help in reducing the tightness and stiffness of the scalp and are very nourishing. Coconut oil is best choice for Pitta type of hair as coconut oil massage slows down premature graying and thinning of the hair. You can use either olive or sesame oil what helps in keeping the pores open. Other beneficial herbs used in ayurvedic oils are Lavender, Rosemary and Jasmine. They help in stimulating hair follicle, promotes hair growth, conditions the scalp, slows down premature graying and thinning.

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