Child massage

The child massage is the most safe and accurate massage type. Baby development is continuous process and his world perception significantly differs from the world perception adult organism. That is why most cases require additional influence over baby body. This has prompted the development of massage influence complex, adapted to child age, or child massage. Child massage can be conducted for both prevention and hygienic purposes and the deviations at health condition or physical development. Child massage is usually done in case of backbone dysfunction, sharply revealed muscles or ligamentous apparatus weakness, some dysfunctions of gastroenteric tract and endured illnesses.

Despite all the safety of this influence method not all children can use child massage procedures. Only children without increased temperature, inflammatory processes in the organism and serious diseases can undergo such massage. In early age when kinesthetic sensations world is very important, mother tender touches make big pleasure. Child massage is the combination of rubbings and effleurages bring pleasure and  medical influence over child organism. Child massage makes efficient stimulation of child growth and muscle weigh, is in somewhat the skin surface and under tissues irritator.

Exactly the massage can make significant influence over motion in early age. It is that exact important factor prompting further correct functioning of all child organism systems. Like physical exercises, the massage develops psychomotor system, child general psychical and motional skills. In early age all process at child organism are interconnected, that is why it is important to select massage method and the set of physical exercises based on child age and health condition.

First months after birth are a heavy stress for a newborn child, as he has no protection from mother womb any longer. Starting from first day of life child massage allows newborn child quicker adaptation to new world and gain necessary weight if the child was prematurely born.

We recommend parents to conduct child massage and physical exercises starting from five-week age. Parents can conduct child massage independently in house conditions or address to professional masseurs, who can come to your house and make child massage to your child. Child massage is allowed from pediatrician permission only. Massage can correct the following development defects from early age. Head incorrect position, flat-footedness and clubfoot are among such defects. Tender child massage help fighting intestinal colic, muscles hyper or hypo tonus. Based on its essence child massage can hardly be called a medical one but it allows avoiding various diseases in future.


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