Anti-cellulite massage

What woman would have ever dreamt seeing in the mirror the reflection of her slim and pulled body? But in reality our life makes quite a noticeable imprint on our body. Stresses, pregnancy hormonal age changes, exhausting diets do not add our attraction and affect our silhouette, as well.  That is why women fight against cellulite is continuous and anti-cellulite massage might help with it.

Cellulite is a local metabolism distortion occurring at fat tissue. Various factors, such as hormonal, vessel, alimentary and hypodynamia, which has already become habitual for us might become the reasons of such pathologic changes. Nowadays exactly cellulite is the most widespread reason making the women to address to body correction centers. Such centers develop various correction programs such as anti- cellulite massage, wrappings, talasso therapy and mezotherapy, which might be corrected depending on each patient’s needs.

Firstly, of course it goes about anti-cellulite massage. Manual anti-cellulite massage is sure to be the most efficient way of influence. The anti-cellulite massage provides the sensation of a complere contact with patient, which is an important part of success. Various means are used for anti-cellulite massage. These are crèmes, emulsions and oils. The biologically active components, the massage means contain, penetrate easily inside the skin during the procedure without occluding skin pores and causing  inflammations.

Talasso therapy or algae wrapping is another important component of anti-cellulite programs. The procure itself is quite simple. Dry algae are simply dissolved in the water and obtained healing mass is applied onto the body. After the application the patient is wrapped with special film and covered with warm rug or coverlet. The warmth prompts the penetration of active agents, the algae has, into the skin. Masseur is sure to advise you to use some cremes or oils helping to reinforce the effect obtained during wrapping. Additional means are applied on the skin right before the procedure start.

This is specifically important for problem areas. The course of six sessions will help to lose 6-10 centimeters. One session will help to lose 1-1,5 centimeters of your body volume. The session duration should not exceed 40 minutes (otherwise blood pressure problems might occur). Afterwards the patient is recommended to have some rest. Moreover the application of talasso therapy is possible both for cellulite and body flabby areas reinforcement.

Cold wrapping might become a good add-on to talasso therapy and anti- cellulite massage. These wrappings are based upon gel with camphor, methol, algae extracts and caffeine.  The cold wrapping procedures reinforce the skin and increase its’ tone as they have vessels- narrowing, drainage and peeling effect. This is an effective mean for anti- cellulite,  flabbiness and excessive volume (specifically around hips)  complex fight, which should be done in combination with anti- cellulite massage.

Paraffin therapy is another wrappings’ option. Since ancient time the mixture of paraffin and sea mud rich in micro-elements has considered to be healing. Moreover nowadays this is an effective mean for body contour restoring.  After one session your hips will lose 2 cm and your waist will lose 1 cm. You will notice even visually the flabby fat tissue to become tight and body lines to become more exact.Bear in mind as well that wrapping is a wonderful reinforcing mean, providing  positive effect in case of joints, back pain and thyroid gland disfunction.

Together with anti-cellulite massage the mesotherapy is another quite effective means for fighting cellulite. This is a special micro–injections course. These injections are done with a very thin needle for quite a small depth (1,5-4 milimeters). The injections are done with special pistol and due to numerous micro injections the upper derm gets the injection micro doses, which penetrate blood at once. The injections cocktail is based on various plants’ extract and done individually for each patient.

As you may see, there are a lot of options to get rid of cellulite- anti- cellulite massage, anti-cellulite massage + wrappings, talasso therapy and mesotherapy. Though the most important element is your desire, so try taking anti-cellulite massage course and the result won’t take you long.


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