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FOHOW Technology Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “FOHOW Group”) is an international group company incorporated by Mr. Yu Fei and his partners in Hong Kong. It is mainly specialized in the research, production and sales of natural healthcare products made from traditional Chinese medicine. Source

Nature’s Sunshine Products ,

Nature’s Sunshine Products 



HandMade and other goods for massage,

Individually chosen remedy will give a greater effect than bought a ready means, whether it be a means to combat cellulite or creame mask that reinforces effect after a facial massage. In addition, care cosmetics, home-prepared (or made in laboratory conditions) do not contain harmful preservatives and other toxic substances.


Lyapko MPC,

Lyapko medical production company offers you services in the supply of goods of own manufacture - Lyapko applicators and massagers.

Company " Ayurveda ". Sevastopol,

Company " Ayurveda ". Sevastopol

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